Bart Van Lier


Bart Van Lier (Haarlem, the Netherlands, 1950). Decorated and hailed for his refined technique and adventurous playing, trombonist Van Lier is rightly considered the most important trombonist of his generation, and is likely the most famous Dutch person to ever play that instrument. Van Lier led the renowned Metropole Orchestra for 25 years, making him the longest-ever employed member of the group. Other legendary ensembles on his resume include years with The Skymasters and The Ramblers.

There are several trombones named after him, including the Bart van Lier bass trombone – most of them crafted by German instrument builders Kühnl & Hoyer, and his course “Coordination Training Program for Trombone Playing” is available in five languages.

Officially, Van Lier retired in 2022, quitting both his position with the Metropole Orchestra and his educational projects with several conservatoires in The Netherlands and Germany. For Jazz Master Tracks, he dusts off the instrument he once lost his heart to, playing alongside other greats as if he never left.

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