Vol.3 Standards Sessions

Release April 21st 2023.

Where the JMT Standard Sessions focused on jazz standards repertoire, improv and comping, the Octet Sessions pivots ensemble playing and music sheet reading, expanding the listener’s jazz vocabulary in new ways. Crafted specifically for this octet and focusing on horns, Joris reinvented some of his favorite compositions, aiming for a specific sound to suit his group of hand-picked greats. Most of these pieces were composed for large ensembles, bigbands, and symphonic orchestras. Now, we get to present discrete, compact versions, marrying combo- and ensemble setups. Every track on the album highlights a specific aspect of octet playing, such as tuttis, a-capella tuttis, and written explorations of improvisations, while crisscrossing through the jazz genre to include Latin, straight-ahead, samba, and even odd meter.

Premiering a brand new feature in the Jazz Master Tracks app, players can access sheet music for every instrument – with extra transpositions (Bflat, Eflat, and concert) for most wind instruments – to explore the different layers of timbre Joris so carefully compiled in these new arrangements. “I selected the musicians based on their musical stories, timbres, and unique personalities. What do they have to say, as improvisers, as soloists, as musicians? This record is an ode to the art of arranging.” Musicians exploring this craft in-app can mute all but one instrument, if so desired, making the app and album an ideal toolbox to learn and perfect this important skill on top of their individual practice. 

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