Learn from the masters, become part of the band.

Jazz Master Tracks, a record label, masterclass and practice tool combined in an app.

Interact with contemporary jazz masters on record as they explore jazz’s rich repertoire.

Album in an app

Hearing a great jazz album is its own reward. But what if you could sit behind the board and highlight certain instruments, mute others, or loop specific lines, phrases, cadences and turnarounds? Hear the most intimate details of tone, attack and inflection from a horn, or the rich voicings and endless rhythmic variations of a master pianist comping? Or the beat chemistry between a ride cymbal and walking bass line in isolation? Jazz Master Tracks lets you do all this and more.


From musicians for musicians

Jazz Master Tracks is dedicated to producing albums aimed at musicians wanting to study and learn jazz. We present top-tier contemporary musicians bringing their decades of experience as bandleaders and top sidemen to the table as they play canonical jazz repertoire. Releasing each session as an “Album in an App” gives these recordings added value, thanks to the generosity of the players, which allows us to participate through an engaging practice tool. Its simple, intuitive, user-friendly stem player interface can benefit all players, whether soloing or comping. What Jazz Master Tracks offers is not simply a backing track, but a real performance with a soul and a direction to work with.