Jazz Master Tracks is Hans’ true passion project. In his 35-year career as film score composer, Hans spent most of his time behind a keyboard and computer, hiring musicians to perform the music. Live playing was relegated to the background, Jazz was a world away. With saxophone training as his main instrument, Jazz was destined to come back on his path. And so it did.

Spending more and more time in the shed, enjoying the learning journey, playing a lot, participating in workshops, scouring the internet for useful resources … . The idea for Jazz Master Tracks really came from thinking: ‘What tool would I like to have to evolve in music?’

Machine generated backing tracks can be useful for specific exercises, but don’t have as much to do with what music is really about.

With Jazz Master Tracks you can study the masters in great detail, in the true aural tradition. A pure indulgence.


Hans & Arielle