The Jazz Master Tracks app

Tailored to the practicing musician, Jazz Master Tracks offers a catalog of exciting sessions as “Albums in an App”, ideal for learning, analyzing, transcribing and playing along, for both soloists and rhythm section.

The albums capture live studio performances, recorded with the instruments acoustically separated.

The app serves as a dedicated player for these recordings, with a convenient user interface made for musicians.

As a multichannel stem player the app permits

  • Easy navigation following musical structure
  • Mute or solo instruments with dedicated mixer
  • Play and loop designated parts 
  • Loop off and Loop on mode
  • Play once from left to right locator 
  • Zoom view to fine-tune locators for transcribing
  • Add and store bookmarks, save loops
  • Activate pre-roll to start locator 
  • Slow down or speed up playback in real-time
  • 3-band equalizer
  • View chord sheets in various keys

Buy now

For $1.99 the app is bundled with the purchase of one song: “Good Bait,” by Tadd Dameron, from our very first release, Standards Sessions, Vol. 1. Featuring Tony Lakatos (tenor sax), Alex Sipiagin (trumpet), Danny Grissett (piano), Hans Glawischnig (bass), Bruno Castellucci (drums).

Individual albums are available as an in-store purchase within the app. 

Buy the full album, Vol.1 Standards Sessions for the completion price of $12.99. 

A HiFi stereo mix export to your personal music library for listening on other devices is included.

Available now for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

Available for smartphone and tablet on Google Play in spring 2023.