Rob Banken

alto saxophone

Rob Banken (Ghent, Belgium, 1989), a Belgian alto saxophonist, is known for bringing his playing, composing and improvising into the lyricism of the jazz territories with the intensity and unpredictability of noise and free – making him a one of a kind musician. As a sought-after sideman for groups like John Ghost, Sam Joris Octet and Anemic Cinema, his primary focus is H A S T, a rock formation that intertwines noise with lush, minimal soundscapes.

Banken has had the opportunity to work and play across the globe with numerous renowned bands and musicians such as Flat Earth Society, Gary Smulyan, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Ernest Skömsvoll, John Ruocco, Michael Abene, vrwrk, Klas Lindquist, JMJ World Jazz Orchestra, Amaranthine and many more.